The Learner's Library: Materials

Designed for Key Stage 1, The Learnerís Library: Materials is a reference CD that explores the topic of materials.

Video footage and photographs combine with two different levels of text to provide information on natural materials, man-made materials and the properties of different materials. Each entry includes several pages of information, that are fully narrated and can be access through a menu, index or search facility.

The program also includes a spoken glossary, extensive teacherís section, printable worksheets, a scrapbook facility and a selection of activities based on materials.

This product is also part of The Learner's Library: Volume 2 money-saving compilation.

Key features:

  • Features fun activities to reinforce learning.
  • Learn about natural materials, man-made materials and the properties of materials.
  • An ideal reference resource for home work.
  • Features topics covered at school.


The Learner's Library  


ICT   Science  

Key stage(s):

1, 2


4 - 7 years

Single user:£30.00
3 user:£45.00
5 user:£60.00
10 user:£90.00
20 user:£120.00
Site licence:£180.00
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System requirements

PC: Pentium II 500mhz processor or greater, Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista, 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.
Mac: Power Mac G3 400mhz processor or greater, OS X (up to 10.4), 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.

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Screen shots

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The main menu provides access to the main information section, the activities, spoken glossary, scrapbook and teacher settings section.
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In each category, the individual materials menu provides a graphical link for the player to find out about each topic.
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The search page provides another method of locating information on materials and will try to find a match even if the word is spelt wrongly!
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The index lists each material featured in the title and is also great for Literacy.
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Each entry includes several pages of information and pictures. Each page is fully narrated and features 2 levels of text.
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The Learner's Library titles also feature simple activities. In this one, the player practises sorting materials.
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