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View the Paws Explore range Paws Explore
Join Kelly and Robbie - the friendly Paws Explore duo - in a selection of fun titles designed specifically for the 6-8 years age group. All the Paws Explore titles feature activities for both individual and class use, including whiteboard screens. Pupil's progress is tracked, and there's also printable worksheets included!
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View the Percy range Percy
Percy is a very friendly caterpillar and presents a wide range of titles in this series. Designed especially for Foundation and Key Stage 1, each title includes a delightful selection on activities based on a single theme. What's more, the Percy range also offers a selection of money-saving compilations!
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View the Bric-a-Brac rangeBric-a-Brac
The Bric-a-Brac range is aimed at the early years age group. The four titles cover the popular topics of Matching, Identifying, Sorting and Thinking, with a fifth money-saving compilation also available. Children will enjoy using these basic titles to further their learning. These titles are also switch compatible.
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View the Learner's Library rangeThe Learner's Library
The Learner's Library is a range of infant reference CDs. Fully narrated and containing photos and video footage, they are designed around unit 2C of the QCA Scheme of Work: Finding Information, to provide a complete resource. Additionally, each one includes easy activities and printable worksheets!
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