Word Search Creator Deluxe

Based around a central control panel the software is ideal for teachers and pupils to quickly create searches based on a current theme. Choosing from 5 difficulty levels (and an option to use ‘red herrings’), you can create square or shaped word searches, which can be used on-screen or printed out for use within the classroom for any subject, making this an invaluable resource for teachers of any age group.

Over 70 pre-designed shapes are included, but it is easy to add your own and more than 500 ready-made searches covering popular subjects are included. An additional feature allows you to create quiz question searches, which are ideal for teaching and testing any topic currently being taught. Foreign language characters are also supported.

Text can be displayed in any font, colour or size and teachers can also print an answer sheet.

Key features:

  • Create square and shaped word searches.
  • Hours of fun for all ages.
  • Over 500 ready-made searches are included, plus 70 pre-designed shapes.



Key stage(s):

1, 2, 3, 4


5 - 13 years

Single user:£15.00
Site licence:£30.00
all prices include media
To purchase, choose your licence type and click buy. Remember, we can invoice UK schools even if you order online.

System requirements

PC: Pentium II 500mhz processor or greater, Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 or XP, 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.

Click here to view our latest software compatibility chart.

Screen shots

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The main menu provides access to each different section of the program, to allow you to design your word search.
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Once complete, you can preview your completed word search. Now, it's easy to save it for later use or print it.
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You can easily create shaped wordsearches as well and click the button to show the answers!
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The built-in shape designer allows you to quickly and easily design your own word search grid shapes or import a shape from an art package.
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The program also allows you to create quiz question searches, as well as use foreign language characters.
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Choose from 5 levels of difficulty for your word search.
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