Percy's Money Box

Designed to encourage children at Key Stage 1 to learn and recognise monetary values and handle money in everyday situations. Colourful graphics, animations and spoken instructions throughout make this program ideal for unsupervised use in the classroom.

The activities include practice on recognising different coins, encourage purchasing items using the correct coins, practice converting between differing amounts of money, giving correct change and recognising prices in a shop, including on a shopping list.

Percy's Money Box also allows you to choose between 5 different currencies: British Pounds, Euros, or US, Australian or Canadian dollars.

Key features:

  • Fun animations and sounds included.
  • Can be configured to use British pounds, Euros or American, Canadian or Australian dollars.
  • Explore all aspects of using money in everyday situations.
  • Fully configurable by the teacher.




Early years   Numeracy  

Key stage(s):

Foundation, 1


3 - 6 years

Single user:34.00
3 user:51.00
5 user:68.00
10 user:102.00
20 user:136.00
Site licence:204.00
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System requirements

PC: Pentium II 500mhz processor or greater, Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista, 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.
Mac: Power Mac G3 400mhz processor or greater, OS X (up to 10.4), 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.

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Screen shots

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The main menu screen allows easy access to each of the six games and the teacher's section.
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In this game, the player is shown a coin and must click on the set of coins that add up to the same value.
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Make sure you have enough money for the bus ride in this game that encourages the child to read monetary values and recognise coins.
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Practise simple addition of monetary values in this activity that encourages the player to total items on a shopping list.
Click to zoom
This game requires the player to give the correct change for items being purchased from the supermarket.
Click to zoom
The player must help Percy to give the correct change from the checkout for the items being purchased.
Click to zoom
The player must click on the coins to reach the price shown on the jukebox and hear a song.
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The settings section allows you to change program settings, plus choose your currency from British Pounds, Euros or US, Canadian or Australian Dollars.
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