Percy's Thinking Skills

Children can have fun using this Percy title that helps develop thinking, visual perception and logic skills.

Percy’s Thinking Skills contains a selection of fun activities (each with 3 levels of difficulty) that can be used by even the youngest player, as it is fully narrated. The title features activities that include puzzle games, matching pairs and picture sequences.

It is also supplied with printable worksheets and an extensive teacher’s section.

Key features:

  • Fun activities covering: puzzles, sequencing, thinking and visual perception.
  • Extensive options section.
  • Three levels with full narration.
  • Printable activity sheets included on the CD.




Early years  

Key stage(s):

Foundation, 1


3 - 6 years

Single user:£34.00
3 user:£51.00
5 user:£68.00
10 user:£102.00
20 user:£136.00
Site licence:£204.00
all prices include media
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System requirements

PC: Pentium II 500mhz processor or greater, Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista, 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.
Mac: Power Mac G3 400mhz processor or greater, OS X (up to 10.4), 128mb RAM, 16 bit colour.

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Screen shots

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Each of the six activities within Percy's Thinking Skills can be easily accessed from the main menu.
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Players are challenged to complete the sliding block puzzle. The number of pieces is dependent on the level chosen.
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In this activity, the player must listen to the question and click the picture they think provides the correct answer.
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In this game, the player must carefully put the matching pairs of images together.
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In this fun activity, the player must work out which cards show images that are the opposite of each other and join them together.
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The player must watch carefully as each parcel opens to reveal a coloured shape, work out the sequence and choose the shape that comes next.
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Listen carefully to Percy's instructions and look carefully at the windows and curtains. Can you find the correct window?
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The options section provides the opportunity to change the program and game settings, as well as access the printable resources and certificates.
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